About Us

#PLUS is a venture conceptualized & started by professional veterans that envisage to present a diverse collection of lingerie brands across the world specialising in “Plus Size Lingerie”.  #PLUS will be an exclusive store enabling plus-sizers to shop their precise size lingerie providing them comfort to embrace their curves like never before.  All our brands are internationally well received and appreciated for their excellence and comfort by the target audience who in India have been neglected for long.
Venture is a wholly owned subsidiary of D’Art Private Limited which is already a successful endeavour in Retail Design Solutions across India, Asia, EMEA and Europe. D’Art in partnership with Rachna Dadhich helmed the concept to breakthrough a target audience which has neglected for long in the area which requires maximum attention for personal wellbeing. Rachna Dadhich has been working in and watching retail industry pulse for over last 2 decades.

#PLUS aims to set up its stores across India and ensure they reach out to the maximum audience and build the trust through our offline stores before being accessible online. Our concept takes a holistic approach towards PLUS Size audience and that will reflect in our finest selection of product solutions for personal and intimate wear desires of our audience.

Brand Association

  • Be the most preferred lingerie destination of world
  • Create the most preferred portfolio of lingerie brands
  • Be as the most innovative, efficient retailer
  • Create happiness for customers and business partners


  • To be the leading Plus Size lingerie Organization in the world

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Care
  • Respect
  • Introspection
  • Openness & Adaptability
  • Valuing & Nurturing Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Growth