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Co Founder


Rachna Dadhich

Ms.Rachna Dadhich a very aggressive player, worked in leading big corporate brands. With the experience of more than 10 years in this industry finally resulted in being a founder member of D’ART which is Indian MNC present in 8 countries from the retail design industry. Ms.Rachna Dadhich with a strong business acumen she is headling hashtag plus as a global brand director under which she is acquiring relation with leading global lingerie brands across the globe. She is a major visionary of this brand which starts from India and will eventually spread across 6 continents under her amazing leadership. A very young Indian lingerie brand is all set to rule the world.

Director and Promoter


Operation Director & Promoter

Deepak Kumar

Sound, Lights, Camera and when it comes to Action, here I come – Operations Director of D’ART India Serving retail brands from last 14 years with every single retail format possible & used across India. Wide exposure productions research and development. When you work for world’s 2nd most populated country with wide geographies, where language, taste, food changes after every 50Km to 100Km. With such great challenges. We have worked out a robust team with exhaustive system and process to ensure the quality and timely delivery.


Here till date we have delivered 100+ Brand shops, 2000+ shops change overs across India, maintenance 4000 shops across India, Delivering and installing 100000+ POS across India & much more. Today’s industry challenge is not merely giving client a timely executed retail design or production requirement but more a cost effective and functional core utility driven solutions. Which give zero pains post market rollouts & implementations and yes setting up maintenance SOP’s is basic retail brand hygiene which is a deadly requirement of the retail brands today. Last but not the least as operations director my role is certainly varied. I have a hand in virtually every aspect of a business, and are tasked with ensuring it all runs smoothly.


From setting financial budgets one day to sorting HR problems the next, this is one career where the chance of boredom is very low indeed.

Director & Promoter

Syed Shahnawaz Zaidi

I would like to introduce myself as the author of “global retail thought” known as D’ART PVT LTD. A Management graduate with 14 years of experience in 360 degree Retail, Sales & Marketing, Events, Consumer Insights, Communication and much more.


Here a bunch of youngsters trying to sketch a very different picture of success. Yet we all see ourselves as collaborators to solve the problem/challenge of client’s business life. Therefore the very purpose of our existence is to make our client’s feel happy at every bit that we deliver to them. Serious and passionate retail expert specializing in consumer centric design solutions with extensive pan-India exposure. Worked extensively in major industries like Consumer Durables, Automobiles, Lubricant, FMCG, Apparels, Hospitality, worked on almost every possible retail format under the sky and developed new concepts with emerging and scalable retail models in wide geographies. Successful in building design to in-market executions, while leading and developing teams and processes. Have the experience of working with multicultural teams from across the globe.

Design Director & Promoter

Sameer Khosla

I like to call myself as Chief Chef – Designs at D’ART PVT LTD.

With 10 years of experience from Architecture, Industrial Designs, Hospitality Design, Retail Designs, Design Research & Much more. I serve delicious designs solutions to my clients. Which at times turn lot of mouthwatering, eye balls, oh yes I am talking about my core expertise 361 degree retail design solutions.


I start my day with lot of interesting creative and operational challenges and every day is extremely interesting and full of excitement. My working philosophy is not to crack a GREAT DESIGN but GREAT DESIGN SOLUTION which solves my client’s problem or challenge in marketing a product or service. In very short span of time me and my crazy design team has delivered half a dozen design concepts to world top leading brands and which ultimately got rolled out in market as well with remarkable recognition and increased sales of my clients. In this big industry of Retail design where design agencies are madly hunting for their niche to create a USP specialization. Here we have the guts & courage to challenge the industry notion and we gone a step ahead and did specialization in various industries to create a versatile and diverse specialization so that in the times to come we can complete with global design firms and become true Indian Global Retail Design Company.